Sunday, June 05, 2005

Chris Crum is an Idiot

I always thought the guy looked like a doofus . . .

. . . but his choice of headline for this recent article convinces me that he's absolutely a worthless idiot:

Tyrannosaurus Rex Was A Chick

You see, he justifies using the term 'chick' because a recent find suggests that the TRex was manufacturing eggs at the time of its death due to a special calcium layer found in her bones that forms in modern day BIRD species (but not many other egg-laying species) only when building eggs. Thus, the TRex is a female since she produces large gametes, but she's a "chick" because she's a bird ancestor.

However, when referring to bird "chicks" you're talking about a young bird, specifically a young CHICKEN. There was nothing to suggest that this TRex was young (it was laying eggs, for one thing!) and this TRex is closely related to OSTRICHES and not CHICKENS, so "chick" is WAY off. It's WORSE than calling a chimp a monkey. On top of this, in his article he even says that it's inappropriate to compare the TRex to a chicken or quail, so comparisons to ostriches and emu were used. Still though, the reference to TRex being a "chick..."

So basically Chris Crum (see "doofus" picture above) was looking for an excuse to degrade women. "Hey guys, look at me, I said 'chick.' I'm cool. I'm cute. Millions of high school boys look up to me every day. Man, it doesn't get any better than this."

And THEN after that the ENTIRE ARTICLE is a BIG QUOTE!!! The extent of his editorial strength was being able to call TRex a **CHICK**!!! (and not just one TRex, but he seems to imply that they ALL are "chicks")

That's pretty Crum-mie. (now THAT's cute and witty)

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