Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Cute" means different things to different people...

So today AnotherEngineer was talking to me about a project that we've been working on up in his lab. We were going over some new products that we might be using in the next few months. Some of them were pretty cool:

Tiny XScale Single-board Computer (SBC) (stick-of-gum-sized computer running Linux with lots of on-board hardware for easy integration with other hardware (sensors, actuators, etc.))

ADIS16201 - Low Power Fully Self-Contained Accelerometer/Inclinometer

However, what I really thought was noteworthy was this exchange about a new H-Bridge that one of the research scientists just got in...
AnotherEngineer: Keith has a neat little Motorola H-Bridge board now. He got it in yesterday.
Me: Is it tiny?
AnotherEngineer: Apparently it's new.
AnotherEngineer: And it's cute
AnotherEngineer: Yeah

Clearly, cute is a complex term.

Note, this particular H-Bridge comes in a surface mount package, is capable of up to 4 Amps of current, and is even capable for 10 Amps for some limited period of time. Isn't that useful and fun?

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