Monday, June 06, 2005

Last Dance with Mary Jane

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that no doctor anywhere can legally prescribe marijuana for medical use because of a federal law that prohibits its medical use. - Supreme Court allows prosecution of medical marijuana

ABC News: Marijuana Plaintiffs to Defy Court Ruling

This is a sad day. Talk about morality gone amuck. There are people in a lot of pain. There are synthesized substitutes for marijuana (e.g. paxil), but those are nowhere near as effective and dump millions of dollars into the pockets of greedy drug companies.

So you see, the drug companies buy the Republican Party, the Republican Party uses religion as a wedge to assert their own immorality onto the nation, and the nation supports federal legislation to ban the medicinal use of marijuana. The states continue to allow doctors to do what's right and prescribe the drug, the Bush administration sues the states, and the federal court has no choice but to rule with the federal legislation... and here we are today. In the end, the country being driven by drug companies.

Howard Dean, you go ahead and say that you hate these people. It's okay with me. Hate them. Hate them as much as humanly possible.

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