Monday, June 27, 2005

Gross oversight

Someone I know is a big fan of "meat pies." These things are apparently a delicacy in places like the state of "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations". They're basically a breaded pie that contains meat. They're pretty simple. They're seasoned and tastey. It's a good treat. I understand that they're often eaten with ketchup, which ends up turning them into pure texture and little taste, but that's fine too.

Well, this person very sneakily found out that I was eating a stuffed pepper for lunch today. She then thought it was necessary to tell me that stuffed peppers were "gross."

How are stuffed peppers gross if meat pies are okay? Stuffed peppers are almost identical, but you add some sauce and some rice and replace the breaded shell with a VEGETABLE. HEAVEN FORBID that we add some vegetables to our meat in a form other than Ketchup.

So I don't understand how she can call my stuffed pepper gross and be okay with her meat pie and still get to sleep at night.

Of course, she has no trouble proudly calling her whole state an island (even though she has explained that her state is not an island but some plantations AND an island), so I guess you can't expect anything reasonable and rational from her.

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