Thursday, June 09, 2005

Overweight Offspring from Underfed Moms

Leptin Surge Produces Overweight Offspring from Underfed Moms-to-Be
The fat-regulating protein leptin was first linked to obesity more than a decade ago. New research on mice indicates that the offspring of undernourished mothers experience a leptin surge that raises their risk of becoming overweight.

Fascinating article. The offspring of malnourished mothers have high leptin levels. This completely changes the development of their metabolism. These mice will be severely obese on the diet of a mouse from a mother that was not malnourished. Additionally, dosing young mice with leptin is sufficient to produce this effect.

This relates to Jenn and my continuing argument about whether to crucify all obese people for practicing bad behavior or not. Jenn says studying obesity just enables people to become obese. I say it's more complicated than that. And, of course, my summary of the argument between us is biased toward my viewpoint. :)

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Jenn Onofrio said...

Oh come now, I never said that.

"Jenn says studying obesity just enables people to become obese." Perhaps the ways these findings are discussed in media, i.e., disclosed in newspaper articles, is what's more the issue.

Research is done and reports are made, but the articles that relay and insta-digest this information for the general public infuriate me because, frequently, they accept the new study as the New Rule and don't leave much room for question. The headlines make it even more peculiar. It's not "New Study Finds Nectarines Contain Arsenic" as often anymore as it is "Warning: Nectarines May Contain Arsenic" or something even more vague like "Fruit May Be Toxic to Health."

So, I AGREE with you on something: "it's more complicated than that."