Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

So today Zweebo asked me to help her prepare her get her new laptop up to snuff. During the preparation, I needed a link that I recently posted on this blog. I couldn't find it on google, so I said something like, "Oh, well, you read my blog all the time anyway, so I guess I can just go there." Her face went white. I explained how I knew. It was an awkward moment. She felt like we had been living two lying lives for the past few months. Then she, Zweebo, gave me an earful about how I really shouldn't use real names.

(oh, and roughly around this time Zingo-Zango (who ran against me in middle school for student council and later tried to get me involved in high school politics so I could really DO something good) bumped into me; she apparently works (and lives) in Orlando for some Christian Crusaders. I know this because she asked me what I was doing, and thus I asked her what she was doing. She said she lived in Orlando. I asked if she was up for father's day, and for some reason her response to that was something like, "No, I work at the headequarters of the CC down in Orlando." OHHHHH... How is that possibly the right answer to my question? How does that possibly explain why you are in front of me in Ohio? And how could I have possibly lost to you, Zingo-Zango, you conservative tight-ass WASPy bitch?!)

Anyway, it didn't go as poorly as I expected it would go. It wasn't so bad. It actually cleared some things up. I think it put more stuff behind us.

After that, she left the laptop with me while she got her haircut. This was a big deal because she was originally planning on not talking to me until Jippie's wedding. However, she assured me that she would have FRICK and FRACK look at it after me to make sure I didn't leave anything snarky on her machine monitoring her or something. I was insulted that she thought that if I did leave something on there that FRICK and FRACK could possibly do anything about it. I was really hurt. She also suggested that if she needed more help, she could always ask them (especially the nearby FRACK) for help. This also was pretty painful.

Now, when Zweebo came to pick up her laptop from me after her haircut, she brought with her a burrito for me. I wasn't convinced it wasn't poisoned, and I wanted to get her back for her FRICK and FRACK comments, so I didn't eat it and (after we parted) got Chinese instead. (it really had nothing to do with spite, but it's funnier that way) Actually, the burrito is in the fridge right now. This is also partly for spite because she insists that Mexican food (especially with guac) doesn't keep. I think she just doesn't know how to reheat things. Someday maybe I'll teach her how to cook.

She also was hoping that ToothlessBobbyMcGee would give her a call, like he said he would, to see a movie with her tonight. Apparently during senior crawl, she was pretty drunk, ran into this random guy (who she had run into before briefly) and gave away her number to him. She and her friends just happened to bump into him later sober (gee, that's subtle) and discuss the crawl night. To make a long story short, she expected a call from him this evening. She had heard from someone who knew them both that he used to have a girlfriend and that might prevent him from calling her. She used this as well as lots of other reasons to explain why he wasn't calling her this evening. (she clearly doesn't understand men, but it was not my place to explain anything to her after those FRICK and FRACK comments; nor did I feel like explaining my feelings about post-Sorkin West Wing, which she hates, but I think she's being too hard on)

So, partly feeling a little jealous and mostly because I have no friends in town this week, I offerred to take her out tonight if ToothlessBobbyMcGee didn't call her. She said that was okay; she had plans with Sarah. (ramping up the jealousy) Then ToothlessBobbyMcGee did call her; they decided on seeing The Longest Yard. Lots more jealousy. Gee, this was fun.

Anyway, that's the summary. I'm hoping this means we've finally resolved our differences. I'm hoping she sees that I like the fact that she's an absolute wreck. It's not a bad thing. It's a funny personality.

Hopefully I'll have something else to blog about soon to move this out of the top posting...

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Anonymous said...

No, I don't see it at all. I would say more, but it's not worth it. I would try to explain things and you would argue that you were just kidding anyway, so I'll leave it. :-P