Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thank God for Christopher Nolan

I was having a long day today, so in the middle of it I threw up my hands and decided to go and see Batman Begins at the campus movie theatre.

I was excited about seeing this movie because it looked like it was going to be true to the original Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Additionally, it's directed by Christopher Nolan (of Memento fame). Nolan also writes some of the screenplay. I was sure that it was going to be better than the trash that followed the original Batman and possibly even as good as the original Batman.

So I went in with moderately high expectations. Usually when I do that I get disappointed. However, either I'm trying really hard to like this movie in order to be right or I actually really really liked the movie.

So I came out of the movie pleased. However, I had issues with continuity. There were some things that just didn't make sense if this movie was supposed to be followed by the original Batman. Christian Bale (of American Psycho fame) seemed to play a character that could easily grow into the Michael Keaton (of Beatlejuice and Batman fame) character of the first movie; however, there were a lot of other aspects of the storyline that just didn't fit. Some of them were major!

So I did a little research (not much) and I found out that this is NOT supposed to be a prequel to the original Batman. This is supposed to start a whole NEW Batman saga! Supposedly there are sequels currently in the works! The sequels will include The Joker (was his name really Jack Napier? I don't remember from the comics) and Two-Face (Harvey Dent)!

So I'm excited.

Now I just need to convince someone to go to the iMax showing of it up at Crosswoods!

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