Saturday, June 04, 2005

Not just dry, but dri

A friend of mine's girlfriend and her friend have been using a very strange anti-perspirant that's apparently very effective. It's so effective that they have gotten my friend to start using it despite the teasing that he was sure to receive from the rest of us. (especially when he couldn't remember the name and called it "Dry and Sassy"; that was a mistake on his part)

It's called "Certain Dri," and his girlfriend's friend (who didn't make it into pharm school but still likes to convince everyone that she's as smart as she thinks she is) explained to him that it actually closes up the armpit pours and prevents them from sweating entirely. She says it's safe because it's such a small area relative to the surface area of the rest of the skin...

I found a site that sells it: Certain Dri - Prescription Strength Anti-Perspirant
To Use: Because of its therapeutic ingredient, Certain Dri Anti-perspirant is used differently from all other anti-perspirants.

Apply only at bedtime. It will not wash off the next day, even after bathing.

Apply sparingly: Like other therapeutic products, Certain Dri Anti-perspirant should be applied sparingly.

That sounds pretty scary to me. I sent him an e-mail reminding him not to put it on every day...

However, this normally very sweaty guy is now very very dry. It's quite impressive. It's still scary though.

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