Friday, June 10, 2005

Conservatives Shut Down NPR for "Ideological Reasons"

House Panel Cuts CPB Funding By 25%, Eyes Zero-Fund Future
The subcommittee in charge of finding money to help fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) decided to cut that agency’s 2006 budget by 25%—$100 million—from $400 million to $300 million. President Bush had only recommended a slight, $10 million cut in the CPB budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

[ You should note that CPB only provides less than 2% of NPR's total budget. However, CPB provides 15% of the budget of individual local NPR stations (with a far greater share of the budget of stations in rural and minority areas). ]

Newt Gingrich has complained that NPR does not provide enough ideological balance. Many current House members echo those concerns now.

First gulags, now this... Where are we? China?!

What right does our government have to criticize PUTIN? He's following OUR LEAD!

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