Saturday, May 13, 2006


Update: The U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms (or maybe just someone using a computer inside the senate building?) has already viewed this page... Not more than fifteen minutes after it was posted... That's so weird.

I had CNN Saturday on in the background a few minutes ago and happened to catch a story on Alaska.

Alaska gets a cut of all oil that flows through its Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). So far this year it has brought in something like $4 billion to the state. In fact, at present day oil prices, it's so much money that Alaska is running a $1.4 billion surplus!

So what do they do with that extra money? They put it into a special fund that currently has $35 billion in it. This fund sits in an interest-bearing account somewhere. That interest is then divided among all of Alaska's residents. Last year, the interest provided each of Alaska resident $855.

On top of that, if you divide the amount of federal money going into Alaska for public services among all of the people in Alaska, it turns out that the per capita amount is something like $12,500. That's more than ANY OTHER STATE. In fact, I think it's MUCH more than ANY other state.

Ted Stevens is an evil man. He was the chairman of the senate appropriations committee until 2005. Think that has anything to do with how Alaska is doing today?

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