Thursday, May 11, 2006

Freeganism!! Parkour??

Wikipedia: Freeganism
Freeganism is a lifestyle in which an attempt is made to abstain from purchases so as to curb the corporate drive for profits. This drive is seen by Freegans as the source of ethical negligence. This display of eroding concern for ethics or morals by corporations was initially an issue mainly taken note of by vegetarians, vegans and animal rights supporters in general. The Freegan notion of boycotting products that violated the consumer's own code of ethics began with animal products but evolved to include a broader range of commodities. It is important to note that the term is relatively recent and its definition may fluctuate in actual daily use. The word "freegan" is a portmanteau of the words free and vegan.

Wikipedia: Parkour
Parkour (also called freerunning, abreviated to PK) is a physical discipline of French origin in which participants attempt to pass obstacles in the fastest and most direct manner possible, using skills such as jumping and climbing, or the more specific parkour moves. The obstacles can be anything in one's environment, so parkour is often seen practiced in urban areas because of many suitable public structures that are accessible to most people, such as buildings and rails.

A traceur is a participant of parkour.

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