Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I think there's a lot of geek potential for this first one. It's a sort of emergent music. The horizontal line is a little like an inverted piano... And the balls that swing around strike keys on it. They vary in speed, so you get this continually changing music.

whitney music box

You can choose lots of different "instruments" to use. There's a lot of geek potential to it. There are a lot of signal processing type comments you could make about it... So I'll let you think about that.

My next nugget is a muglet.


Add your face to some goofy interactive e-cards. I don't really feel like doing it myself, so I offer you one that is already made. Lots of fun there. I recommend clicking on the buttons on the left side. That's right, you got it.

And finally, to avoid living in places that rain so much that you can never ride your bike, check out yet another Google Mashup...


Click on your location on the map. See what pops up below.

And that's it. Thanks, again, to RocketBoom for these nuggets today.

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