Thursday, May 18, 2006

Women in Iraq

Just another example of how handing these people a democracy doesn't also hand them democratic values.

Activists Seek to Protect Iraqi Women from Honor Killings
Morning Edition, May 18, 2006 - Volunteers in Iraq are setting up secret shelters for battered women. Activists have documented 2,000 honor killings since the fall of Saddam Hussein, as the rights of women seem to diminish in the face of strengthened tribal life.

The story talks about more than just the honor killings. It also tells the story of a woman in love with one man but forced to marry her cousin. The cousin would abuse her and keep her from leaving. She eventually found a way to get a divorce and her parents said they would let her marry her original love if she moved back in with them. When she went back to her parents' place, her father locked her in her room with chains to her bed. During the interview, she showed the interviewer her swollen ankles -- swollen from the chains.

And I think she was a Kurd! The Kurdish areas of Iraq are some of the safest and most "civilized" areas! (this statement doesn't really have a whole lot of support; there is some funky stuff happening there too... just not God bombing)

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