Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stitches out! New pictures!

I got all of my stitches from the biceps tenodesis surgery out yesterday! Apparently being young and healthy (like me!) I heal quickly. I'm like Wolverine!!

I've put the pictures here, but I'll put two of them in this post.

Here is a picture of my shoulder now that it's stitch-less. I think things are looking pretty good.
Incision scar after stitches removed

The funky bruise on my arm is still there. In the next picture, you can see a straight line that must have been made by some surgery tool. Maybe they were clamping or retracting or something there. It's sorta freaky.
Bruise on arm with strange spot shown

I bumped into something today and felt the same pain that I felt before the surgery. I'm really hoping that's just post-surgery stuff and not an indication that I'm still broken. (knock on wood)

I go back in three weeks. Hopefully then I'll be able to schedule physical therapy. I might be able to take the sling off then too!!

Wolverine out.

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