Monday, May 22, 2006

Memories.... and Catholics....

To make a long story short, my dad decided that he wanted to switch from using various POP3 providers to using one big IMAP provider (that accepts forwards from all of the POP3 providers) so I found myself moving some of his mail around...

Well, I noticed there was a "Ted box" that had some old messages I had forwarded to my parents. Some of them were from as far back as high school graduation (1999). I noticed one in particular that still seems funny to me. There was a kid I knew in high school who was very Catholic, but he had a good humor about it. As many high schoolers did, we apparently exchanged senior pictures, and his picture had this written on the back of it...
Dear Ted,
Senior year has been
great. I remember the
day we met. You were
walking down the halls
praying the rosary aloud
and I said, "Why don't
you take it outside, God-
Boy!" And you said, "Why
don't you mind your
own damn business, pig-
fucker!" Yes, you were
so pious...
Call me.
Your friend,
. . .

I still laugh. How absurd. How funny.

Oh, to be 18 again...

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