Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Marxist Basketball Player?

This is ... well, slightly fascinating (to me).

Steve Nash, Basketball's Selfless Socialist? (audio will be available shortly)
Day to Day, May 16, 2006 - Phoenix Suns basketball star Steve Nash says he's read Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto. On the court, Nash is famous for passing the ball to teammates, giving up scoring opportunities himself so others can score. In a league full of flashy, high-scoring players, could Nash be an example of a Marxist player? Nihar Patel investigates.

It gets more interesting as it goes on. It's amazing how people who become professionals in what they do really branch out and become intellectuals... Bringing in aspects of other fields that they probably had no interest in when they were younger.

I think this is particularly true of basketball coaches. I'm SURE Duke's coach is very philosophical in his playing -- that's why he gets scheduled to talk for all sorts of team building conferences that are business related rather than basketball related. This is probably very common for successful pro coaches too. And... maybe even pro players.

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