Saturday, May 13, 2006

How We Talked Back Then

This week's This American Life show (Episode 312), so far, is terrific.

TAL: How We Talked Back Then

You can stream it for free, or you can download it for not-so-free.

This episode revisits some old episodes from back before the Internet was really popular.

The first segment actually has people read old letters that they either wrote or received or just found. These letters include job applications, love letters, break-up letters... And they're all really funny. It's GREAT to hear people read letters, most of which were written in the 80's.

The second segment replays people's reaction to their newest Internet experiences back when the Internet was a strange and mysterious thing. The first story is from a woman who meets a man from Microsoft on-line after viewing his website. She's amazed she can read someone else's private website... They talk personally for a few days... They then meet! She likes him. Eventually he takes her back to Microsoft late at night... He promises her a copy of Office 97... and one thing leads to another. Then after that, he tells her he's not interested in a relationship until he makes his first million.

It's GREAT. If I had the time, I would transcribe some of it. It would be great just to read the script! However, hearing it... hearing it is precious.

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