Friday, May 12, 2006

Distraction-Free GMail Browser (for OS X)!!

Update: As discussed in a more recent Hawk Wings post, there's no need for a special application for this. You can do the same thing (in Firefox or Camino, for example) with JavaScript bookmarklets.

Do you like GMail, but realize that the only REAL way to work with GMail is through a browser? Well, you might like this... A stripped down browser just for GMail. It's less distracting. It's more like a for GMail.

A dedicated, distraction-free browser for Gmail
Michael McCracken likes Gmail a lot.

But he finds that reading it in his normal web-browser is too distracting. Bookmarks, other open windows and the Google search are constantly tempting him away from his work.

So he created a dedicated WebKit browser that loads only Gmail without the distractions:

See the Hawk Wings post for more information, including where to download the app.

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