Monday, May 15, 2006

Have AirTunes? Try AirFoil for Windows and OS X

I learned about AirFoil today.

For a long time I have wanted an "AirPort Express Base Station with AirTunes" just so I have the ability to easily beam my audio all around the apartment. However, I was upset that it would only transmit stuff out of iTunes. I often use my AM/FM tuner or RealPlayer or other applications that I also would like to broadcast into the kitchen or the living room.

Now, I could have used an FM transmitter, but over an entire apartment the signal-to-noise ratio can get very low, so I didn't bother.

Well, today I learned about AirFoil, which has a version available for both OS X and Windows. It's shareware. To buy a full version, it will cost you $25.

It does EXACTLY what I want. It will broadcast ANY application's audio to your base station.

So now I may have to buy an AirPort Express. That's sorta depressing because I think these little things are over-priced and behind-the-times. They clearly aren't ready for 802.11n. However, they're compact, and I'll probably only use it for the audio... It would be nice if there was a model that didn't act as a wireless router/repeater. Maybe it would be cheaper...

(oh, and Rogue Amoeba has some other neat products too. Most of them are audio related)

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