Saturday, July 22, 2006


This is a follow-up to Things to do (soon?)...

I saw Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, and it was pretty cool. It was recommended to me by someone who thought it would resonate with me because of the connections that I exploit in my search for new knowledge in graduate school. It's true that it certainly is similar, but that actually made it less interesting. It's like having an art critic watch an "Intro to Art" video. It's just not that fun. (however, it wasn't EXACTLY like that, so this movie definitely was fun) I think someone (who is not me) would really like this movie, so see it. :)

When I was in an improv troop in high school, one of our warm-up exercises was to call out "Abacad! Efigy! Hijee-He-Hijee-Ho! Mecka-Lecka-Hi-Mecky-Hi-Nee-Hay! . . . " and it kept going. Get it? It's like words made out of sequential sounds from the alphabet. I can't really recall the whole thing though, and I haven't been able to find anyone else who remembers either. BUT SLAY WOULD REMEMBER! AND I JUST SAW SLAY AT STAUF'S!

So now I'm primed and ready. "Abacad?" I'll ask from a shadowy corner behind Slay. "Efigy!" He'll respond... And that'll be great.

Or that'll be really gay.


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