Thursday, July 27, 2006

Unspeakable Obscenity

So I have a few jokes that I tell that have a lot of build up to some pretty poor punch lines. What's funny is that the build up at the moment doesn't really matter that much, so I tend to improvise a bit. The only people who really "enjoy" my improvisations are people who have heard me say the joke before, because they like to see how I change things every time I tell the joke again (and again and again).

Well, tonight HBO was showing The Aristocrats, and I was inspired. This joke and how it is told is genius. There are some other jokes I especially liked (like the one about the piano player) that are similarly wonderful.

I think I need to add this sort of additional dimension of vulgarity and obscenity to these improvisations. I think it would really make the jokes a lot better. It would make the AWFUL punch lines even more wonderful too, I think.

Tomorrow I get to meet some more of the new girlfriend's friends (there is an interview process). I'm going to try to resist trying out my jokes (especially in their new form) with them. (well, maybe I'll tell the duck joke... everyone loves the duke joke... and there's no NEED for obscenity there)

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