Monday, July 03, 2006

Mood Blog, Part Deux!

Current mood: Pessimistic and crappy

Earlier tonight I was thinking that tomorrow (Monday) was going to be a good work day. Then I remembered that I have PT at 3pm. That would be okay.

So then a little later than that I remembered that my brother and sister, all of their kids, and I were all converging on my parents' place tomorrow for dinner or something. I think mom forgot about my PT. Mom's expecting me up there sometime in the early afternoon, which means I'm going to have to run all the way out to Westerville, then back down to campus, and then back to Westerville. The whole thing seems stupid.

And my sister's birthday is tomorrow; my brother's on the 9th. I should probably get cards sometime tomorrow.


So maybe the 4th would be a good work day. I could spend tomorrow night getting some work done, but I'd much rather go out and do something, and I'm sure I won't be motivated to do work after all of that mess.

On a completely different note, for some reason I prefer women who drink coffee. It's not a strong preference; it's just that I'm sort of sick of hearing from women, "Well, I don't actually drink coffee, but I'm sure I could find something to drink there." For one, in that case, let's go somewhere else then (the coffee is completely arbitrary). Second, since the coffee clearly was arbitrary and since you clearly could find something else to drink, then why announce to me that you don't drink coffee? Why not just keep quiet and just order your choco-freezy-poofy-goo with whipped cream? And finally, why the hell don't you drink coffee?

Maybe I'm overreacting. In fact, I'm sure I am. But for some reason, it's refreshing to hear that a woman drinks coffee. I think it goes back to my strange attraction to smart academic women, especially those in the arts and crafts/sciences, and my perception is that these women are going to cluster at Stauf's drinking out of a mug (because it's probably better for the environment). So when I meet a smart academic crafty woman who DOES NOT drink coffee, I get very suspicious. It upsets me.

<sigh> mUrf!

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