Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One Fast Girl

Let me start out by saying that people need to stop putting MUSE songs in their MySpace profiles, specifically "Supermassive Black." If everyone thinks that MUSE is their own personal secret, then MUSE can't be that much of a secret, can it? We get it... MUSE is catchy. Get over it.

Tonight I met yet another friend of Anna's--Rhiannon, like the song. For lots of reasons, she's alright, but she's more of George's type than mine. She's tiny. She's into racing sports bikes (professionally). She's a model.

The thing that really got to me though was... She's 29 (despite what it says on MySpace). She certainly doesn't look 29, but she is, and everything about how she holds herself says, "I'm 29, bitch." (though, for some reason, I think that Jenn could eat her alive, despite her youth)

It was bad enough a couple nights ago when out with Phil, Owen, and Christina that I felt like the young boy of the group (despite me being older than two of the other women). This put me back in an uncomfortable place that I thought went the way of acne years ago. However, just being in the same room with this "Rhiannon" (and note: I was in a "Prose before Hos" tee (picture of Shakespeare on it) with plaid shorts and sandals) made me feel less like a young 25 and more like a feeble 12 (pass the Stridex, please!).

As we were leaving the bar, she got a call from a Russian friend who apparently digs her. After hanging up, she was complaining to Anna's mom that she thinks she likes him, but he's 26 and she's having trouble dealing with the classic 26-year-old naivety. Her mom explained that she was just older and more experienced and was just going to have to deal with these sorts of things.

I'm 25. This whole conversation made me feel worthless. Earlier in the week, Whitney and I went to Scully's, and I found out that she thought I was 28. I was a little insulted by this then... I wasn't that old, and surely I didn't look it. Well, tonight 25 didn't feel so old, and I prayed that I looked at least 27.

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Anna Banna said...

Do you ever have fun with or like my friends?

Keep in mind, I'm only 22. Somehow I deal with it.

Theo said...

Yes, Anna, I have fun with your friends. :)

And I just like making people into characters to whom I can greatly overreact. (for example, the two guys who were sitting outside of Cup o' Joe reading Freakonomics) Plus, I'm a guy. As I mentioned in another post, being out with you, Whitney, Phil, and his friends, I felt like the youngest one there... even though I wasn't. That's because old people can hang out with young women. It's different when you're a young man.