Sunday, July 30, 2006

Which one of these does not belong?

UPDATE: So I'm at the party, and all of the women head into the kitchen to talk about things they talk about in the kitchen. Before this point, another guy showed up. He seemed nice enough. We chatted for a little bit. Now, it's not that guys don't chat; they do. However, some of the questions were a little strange... especially regarding how I knew the other people there. The thought of me coming with one of them (as a date) didn't seem to occur to him, but that's okay.

Later on I find out that while in the kitchen the person I came with was informed that he was gay. Okay, so that explains that. :)

I had a good time. There was very little man hating to worry about. :) I was a little disappointed I didn't have something more fun to blog about in this update. Oh, well . . .

Tonight I'm going to a dinner "party."

All of the guests are lesbians.

Except for one bisexual female.

And me (a straight male).

I'm not completely sure how this happened. I'm thinking about wearing a dress. Maybe that will distract them from the fact that I am one of those of whom they hate.

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~ange said...

Lesbians don't hate men- just penises.