Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Carnegie Vander Shelton

UPDATE: "No Time" is a good song, but check out "Rise" too. I like "Rise," which is the title track of the EP that is available on iTunes.

Jenn made a decent music find recently. In fact, if I end up liking all of this guy's 5 songs, I'm thinking about sending a recommendation to NPR's song of the day.

Rainy day recommendation
Over a year ago, I met this awesome man named Jody Shelton in a bar where a friend of mine was bartending. He was fresh and green and excited about telling everyone about his band and his passion for performing. I listened to a couple of his songs on a friend's iPod, and I've been hooked ever since. I've gone to multiple shows, and plan to go to many more.

The song is "No Time" and, if you click here and then select the one in the middle [it says "No Time"], you can stream it. If you love it, you can go to apple and download the song on iTunes. The link for those can be found on this page.

Jenn also posts some lyrics and has some other comments. So, check it out.

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