Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dybdahl is a cool name

I like NPR's Song of the Day today. I like the spirit of this particular song. It's a neat idea, and I think it's delivered pretty well.

And it's easy to get into a Thomas Dybdahl mood. I think you'll recognize some of his influences. I think he improves upon them in some important ways. (note: English is Dybdahl's second language. His main fan base is in Norway. However, he does a very good job writing English lyrics. I'm impressed)

New Love's Dizzying Days by Christopher Porter
"A Lovestory" opens slowly, with Thomas Dybdahl singing, "Honey, I told you / that these things never last," portending a sad song about a breakup. But it's a feint: The track celebrates the beginning of a relationship, not the end. After Dybdahl croons, "One of these days now / you'll start dreaming of the past," the music speeds up and he switches to memories about the dizzying days of a new coupling.

Dybdahl is a talented lyricist, too, writing detail-rich songs in English, his second language. "A Lovestory" offers several perfect lines that capture the intense feelings of nouvel amour, recalling an "endless summer without a fall" and "Sunday mornings that never ended / and hangovers that never mended / A love story at its peak." Like so many relationships, "A Lovestory" ends awkwardly -- no big chord resolution or rhythmic crash, just a quick fading away, leaving only memories.

Huh, where did this Christopher Porter come from? He writes well, and he made a decent pick today. Nice job, Christopher.

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