Saturday, July 22, 2006

Please make them stop . . .

I'm sitting at Panera on Grandview Ave. right now. The idea was that I'd go to Stauf's, but I was hungry, so I stopped by here to get something to eat. I figured it would be silly to leave here immediately after eating, so I started working.

(on another note, there is a man about my age sitting across from me. He too is wearing a tee shirt, shorts, and flip flops. He's reading a document printed out in portrait with a staple in the upper left hand corner. Periodically he writes (using a black retractable pen) in a yellow letter-sized legal pad. I'm pretty sure he's a law student working on case briefs, but I could be wrong. I like trying to peg people like this. I don't know why. Just one of those things, I guess. Anyway, for some strange reason I feel a camaraderie with him)

While I was eating my meal, two attractive (if I was TEN YEARS younger) young high school girls sat down in the booth behind me and began to talk to each other non-stop. I just couldn't help but overhear these two talking. Every time a "new" subject would come up with them, I would bite my teeth and make fists with my hands to prevent from blogging about it. There were some times when I had to choke off a laugh and even leave the table to get more iced tea (unsweetened, of course).

I don't want to list too many details. They talk about boys. How much they hate boys. How that movie they just watched made them hate boys even more. Still more boys. Lots more about boys. Boys boys boys. Boys. More boys. Boys. Boys. Boys. Boys. Curfew. Movies they aren't allowed to see. Finding people who can drive. Amusement parks. Boys. Eating food very slowly (they TALK about this; they don't just do it, they make a plan to do it and obsess about it). More details than that (like quotes, even though they're SO WONDERFUL) just seems mean, but I needed to say something.

Things that amaze me . . .
  • How clueless high schoolers are
  • How they don't realize how clueless they are
  • How easy things are for high schoolers
  • How I'm starting to understand why parents are such assholes
  • How shallow high schoolers are; they really have no depth... nothing to contribute... nothing useful... nothing new... they haven't thought about anything...
  • How they don't realize this
So it's been quite a treat sitting here.

I should probably get up and go to Stauf's. I probably shouldn't be blogging right now. I probably shouldn't tag this "high school girls" as I'm going to get lots of perverts finding this page. Oh, well... Come and get it, perverts.

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