Saturday, July 15, 2006

Plain Yogurt SUCKS

I'm not going to make that mistake again!

Of course, I once thought grapefruit juice (and grapefruit in general) sucked. After a week or two drinking it (this goes for tomato juice too), I warmed up to it. So maybe the same thing will happen with plain yogurt. In the meanwhile, I'm going to have to keep stocked with fruit (especially giant blackberries) to get through this AWFUL plain yogurt. Blech.

Also, raspberries don't keep NEARLY long enough. Or are they supposed to look DISGUSTING after a couple of days? How do I keep them from doing that? Should I rinse them immediately and store them in some special way?

Someone help me . . .


Annette said...

Tip: Mix the yogurt into some granola or cereal, instead of using milk (raisin bran works, or any other kind of cereal really). You can also add cinnamon. Really good--and that's a guarantee! Just add enough that you can stir the cereal enough to coat it.

I used to eat this all the time as an undergrad.

Theo said...

Yeah, I've tried mixing in cereal to other yogurt, and that seemed to help out quite a bit.

I just have been trying to cut down on my cereals. Ya' know? I guess if I ate this before I worked out it would be okay.

(it's possible I have no idea what I'm doing too and I shouldn't even try)

I guess adding cereal probably is just as bad (or better) than buying flavored yogurt (like vanilla flavored) so I should get off my high horse and sweeten the damn stuff.

Jenn Onofrio said...

In Germany, we mixed in a little granola and a lot of fresh fruit. That was yummy...

But I have to say: what kind of plain yogurt are you eating? I think that makes the biggest difference of all. In the States, the mass producers of yogurt like Dannon and Yoplait tend to supplement the yogurt with a lot of additives and sugar. If you can, try to get something that's maybe a little higher in fat because it is made by a different quality of milk, but lower in sugar because it's not intended to tame the taste buds of a soda-drinker. You also tend to eat less of it.

Have you tried Stoneyfield (or Stoneybrook?) Farms yet? They buy all of their milk from local producers, so they're kind of like a middleman, and they still transport over distance as well, but it's a much better place to start.

I wish I could go yogurt shopping with you. The other thing you can consider is making it at home, which is surprisingly easy and unbelievably inexpensive. The yogurt is much more tasty that way, too.