Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh, Mango! You came and you blended so smoothly . . .

So today I cut open my first mango ever. I had been assured that the mango would be "delic" but I should be careful of the strangely shaped pit. Well, the pit was very strange, but I dealt with it.

The fruit... I wasn't so excited about. It was okay. It was a lot of effort to cut open and prepare. If it was easier to take apart, I think I would have enjoyed the fruit more.

So then I realized I had lots of other fruit in the apartment. I also realized I had a blender, milk, ice, and some protein. Well, jackpot!

So I made a mango+strawberry+blueberry+banana+choco_protein+ice+water milkshake! I was a little scared, but it turned out GREAT. In fact, I'm a little afraid because I'm fullish now and have to eat dinner with someone at 6:30.

I don't often make milkshakes (the milk probably wasn't necessary). I'm very happy this turned out so well. I'll have to do this more often.

(another note: Way to go, Floyd!)

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Annette said...

Oh... I should've told you, too, that they're a breeze to peel if you can manage to cut it in half lengthwise in the same direction as the pit... and then score the fleshy part in a grid pattern with a knife, and turn the skin inside out. All the little squares that you cut will pop right out and come off of the skin. If that makes sense.

Theo said...

I saw some similar advice on I wasn't quite sure, but I think I understand what you mean.

I definitely see how if you cut it in half lengthwise with the pit it will probably come apart pretty easy (like a peach). Until I figure out a better way, I'll have to test my cut direction briefly at the top until I hit the long edge of the pit, or something.

Or I could just stick to "normal" cheap fruits. :) Yay grapefruit, bananas, apples, and berries. :)