Tuesday, August 22, 2006

21-Year-Old Brit Makes Me Smile

Lily Allen

NPR's Song of the Day: Lily Allen: Tomorrow's Pop Today by Bruce Warren
  • Song: "Smile"
  • Artist: Lily Allen
  • CD: Alright, Still
  • Genre: Pop

Fortunately, the disc is also massively appealing, mixing the pop fizz of Bananarama, the gritty storytelling of The Streets and the bouncily rocking ska of No Doubt. Her U.K. hit "Smile," a stylishly breezy pop song with a summery groove, functions as the perfect musical kiss-off to an unfaithful lover. It works on a number of levels -- an anthem for the jilted, a declaration of independence -- but it's best suited to serve as an irresistible filler of dance floors for many months to come.

You can stream "Smile" from the link above or get it at her myspace page or her website.

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Anonymous said...

She's playing at the Double Door in Oct. Is that a good enough reason to visit me?
F Sprite