Friday, August 11, 2006

"Good Enough" for me

Idgy Vaughn at Her Website

NPR's Friday Song of the Day features Idgy Vaughn whose debut CD Origin Story "straddles the line between contemporary folk-pop and traditional country, offering 10 subtly hued yet largely autobiographical stories."

If that sounds like something interesting to you, check out her MySpace page. Four of her songs are available for streaming, including "Good Enough", which is the song featured on today's SotD.

Idgy Vaughn on MySpace

A Country Song Springs to Life by David Brown
  • Song: "Good Enough"
  • Artist: Idgy Vaughn
  • CD: Origin Story
  • Genre: Country

As she steps to the microphone in her sundress, holding her jumbo-sized guitar, Idgy Vaughn looks out of time somehow, like a classic country singer from the '50s. Even her story resembles an old country song come to life: A single mom moves from Illinois to Austin, Texas, and works as a truck-stop waitress until one day, one of her coffee-sipping regulars wins the lottery and loans her the money she needs to chase her dream as a singer-songwriter.

One of the most affecting is "Good Enough," a song about a daughter losing her mother's love -- and that, sadly, was inspired by a nightmarish child-custody battle with her own disapproving parents. Vaughn's debut may or may not make a big splash, but it resonates with a rare authenticity.
Idgy Vaughn on NPR's Song of the Day

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