Saturday, August 12, 2006

Make the most of the meteor shower and the weekend

Make the most of the meteor shower
Don’t let a glaring moon get you down — find clear skies this weekend

First, the bad news: When the shooting stars reach their peak this weekend, the moon is in just about the worst possible location. It's just a couple of days past its full phase, meaning that the moon's bright disk will be glaring down like a cosmic headlight almost all night long.

The good news is that the shooting stars reach their peak this weekend — which gives you an opportunity to get far away from city lights, stay up until the wee hours, see what meteors you can, and still recuperate in time for the work week.

That's a thought.


Anonymous said...

our group saw 50 or so 16 folks at 4000 feet up near Snoqua;ime pass in Seattle wash area. One huge fire ball 6 seconnds long thin tail then thick tail then explosion at end with 3 sec or more lasting trail time enought to walk to center of tarp and count it out and scream etc. My best fireball in 30 yrs of viewing. this was all with the moon . radiant was north to south just above the moon 15 degrees up from horizon. at around 11 pm PDT. who else saw???? also saw odd sporadic with break up pieces and skippers going south to north again in eastern sky only 20 degtree off horizin that was loater like midnight pst. BT

Zac said...

It was amazing this weekend, I made good use of the view and ended up asking someone I've been "talking to" to become exclusive together. It was truly a beautiful night