Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Does she live in a hole?

I wouldn't blog about this, but her consistency just amazes me.

NPR's song of the day today? It was put together by Allison Stewart . . . Remember her? From Chasing Cars and cuteness?

Breaking Free of Nostalgia's Tyrannical Grip by Allison Stewart
  • Song: "Skip to the End"
  • Artist: The Futureheads
  • CD: News and Tributes
  • Genre: Alt-Rock

That's right. Not only did she pick a song by THE FUTUREHEADS, but she picked "SKIP TO THE END"!!!

I know I shouldn't let her make my head hurt this much... But, I just don't understand. NPR's "Song of the Day" isn't supposed to have the musical depth of a "Song of the Day:" you'd find in an AIM profile. It's supposed to have more. You're supposed to read it and say, "Oh, that's interesting. I hadn't heard of them. That's a neat new sound. That's exciting." Instead AT BEST you read something like this and think, "Yeah, I know that song. It's pretty good," and at worst you think, "This is the most overplayed song on the radio and I'm sick of hearing it; it should not be song of the day."

And then there's the writing...
The Futureheads may be the least affected of the recent crop of Brit-pop bands, which is saying something. Brisk and sensible, specializing in strapping dance-punk for which the word "angular" was practically invented, it's the perfect curative for anyone left cold by Arctic Monkeys: Imagine a post-millennial XTC with barbershop-quartet harmonies and lots of shouting, and that's beginning to paint a picture.

If you are familiar with some of the recent (and slightly disappointing to we American folk) Arctic Monkeys tracks AND remember XTC fondly, then hearing someone say "try The Futureheads" is like a doctor of internal medicine getting the question (from her non-doctor neighbor), "Have you tried some aspirin?" after she mentions that she has a headache.

Aspirin... yeah... that's a good idea right about now.

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