Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Northwest to Employees: Dumpster Dive to Save Money

Northwest Airlines Advises Employees on Penny Pinching
Airlines have become experts at frugality. Now one has offered tips to employees, as well. Bankrupt Northwest Airlines has cut most workers' pay and has given some a booklet with "101 ways to save money." Suggestions included: shop in thrift stores, take a date for a walk in the woods or on the beach. And don't be "shy about pulling something you like out of trash." Northwest now says the tips were "insensitive" and has stopped distributing them.


Annette said...

Wow. How outrageously insulting.

I don't really have anything insightful or witty to say, but this whole thing is just so over the top that I can hardly believe it.

MN Headhunter said...

I have the list in its entirety:
Northwest Airlines List Of 101 Ways To Save Money

Theo said...

Wow -- thanks for the archive! Here it is as a link:

That's fun.