Friday, August 18, 2006

The Fall TV Line-Up

New fall TV shows
With the fall TV season looming, there doesn't seem to be a lot to get excited about. Here, however, are five shows that sound promising enough to at least not make me get queasy.

The list includes Studio 60, Jericho, Heroes, Runaway, "Gilmore Girls"/"Veronica Mars".

A real quick summary: (I recommend you read the link above for more interesting details)

Studio 60 borrows many of The West Wing characters (and Aaron Sorkin himself) to setup a show about the behind-the-scenes look at an SNL-type TV show.

Jericho is a sci-fi serial drama about a town in Kansas that loses contact with everything around it after a huge mushroom cloud appears over Denver that registers no radiation whatsoever.

Heroes is like a group Unbreakable. A group of people simultaneously realize that they have super powers. In fact, this probably picks up where Unbreakable left off (M. Night is a terrible writer). (in other words, the interesting part of Unbreakable was how the main character was going to deal with what was obvious throughout the rest of the movie; M. Night ends the movie at that point) (I recently learned lots of interesting M. Night trivia that shows he really is the most awful person in Hollywood)

Runaway has Donnie Wahlberg as the lead. It's about a lawyer who is framed for the murder of a beautiful co-worker thus forcing him to grab his family and flee.

Gilmore Girls is old, and some people really like it.

Veronica Mars is about a hot crime fighting high schooler, just like Buffy.

There is some potential there for sure.

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