Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Teng's Flamboyant Contraption Takes Off

NPR's Song of the Day: Teng's Flamboyant Contraption Takes Off by Tom Moon
  • Song: "I Don't Feel So Well"
  • Artist: Vienna Teng
  • CD: Dreaming Through the Noise
  • Genre: Chamber-Pop

She has an interesting sound. (her myspace)

I setup a Pandora station for her (listen to it here) and it associated her with some other notables (I may update this throughout the day):

On a related note, Catman Cohen doesn't list Tom Waits (myspace) as an influence on their myspace page, but they must be shooting for that sound when they choose to sing songs with a low gruff voice accompanied by piano. Granted, they has other songs that are very different than this, but many of their songs sound much like a gentle Tom Waits. Am I making this up?

Also, check out the cover of Catman Cohen's How I Want to Die -- the Catman Chronicles 1. It's a steamy blurry image of an orgy (a multiracial 3-some actually). Pretty hot stuff--the blurriness lets the imagination make it even hotter, really. If Tom Waits were here, he might say that he was "getting harder than Chinese algebra."


Tim of Suburbia said...

Hope you don't mind but I posted your Vienna Teng Radio at


Come for a visit!



Theo said...

Neat. I'm going to blog about that, I think.

Thanks. :)