Sunday, August 20, 2006

SoaP is good clean fun

Snakes on a Plane picked up where the hype left off and actually built from there. It was satisfying in all sorts of ways. I'm very happy that this movie was made.

At first I feel like it's too bad that there are so many people who insist on not seeing this movie. I feel like it's sad that many of these people only picked up on the SoaP hype a month or two ago and some of them never heard any of the hype. I feel like if they were in on the joke, they'd enjoy this movie more, but because they weren't they feel like it's just another bad action (or even horror?) movie.

However, then I think about it and realize that this is a great B movie. That's all it is. Because of that, it's not going to do well in the box office. Additionally, it's only going to be appreciated by an audience that enjoys the subtlety that makes a B movie so special. (in this case, it's a spoof without being a spoof)

So this movie isn't going to be a cult classic, but how many B movies are? You must look at this movie through the B movie lens to really judge it. Through that lens, I think it's a great success.

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