Saturday, August 12, 2006

Panera's Green Sugar--I mean--Tea

Ever ordered an Iced Green Tea from Panera? I made that mistake recently. I took a sip and wondered if I had ordered some strange green lemonade. So I did a little research . . .

Panera Bread Nutrition Information: Iced Green Tea
Water, evaporated cane juice, brewed green tea, plant extracts-color, natural flavors, citric acid.

Did you notice that first ingredient behind water? It's "evaporated cane juice." Notice that it comes before "brewed green tea." That's right, the most plentiful ingredient (aside from WATER) in GREEN TEA is EVAPORATED CANE JUICE. Panera's Green Tea has more SUGAR than GREEN TEA!!

A 16oz Green Tea has 23g of sugar in it. A 20oz Green Tea has 28g of sugar in it. (in both cases there are 2g of other net carbs in there, FYI)

Clearly Panera Bread is not a northern company. No northerner would dare include sugar by DEFAULT in any sort of tea, ESPECIALLY GREEN TEA! Putting sugar or even milk in green tea is sacrilege. So I looked it up... Where is Panera Bread headquartered?
6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO 63117

So how do I get the sugar out of my tea?


claymirecottage said...

I just made that mistake today - it is 100 degrees, and I ordered an iced green tea - needless to say I was shocked when I took a sip of that green syrup! There was nothing on the menu board that mentioned any sweetness, and it was truly disgusting. Plus, without knowing whether than sweet was from sugar or artificial sweetners, I didn't dare continue and risk allergic reaction. Why, oh why, would they do that!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that i personally love there green tea and know many others that do as well.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake today. Before I ordered I asked is the tea was sweetened and she assured me it wasn't. I took one drink and realized it was. I went back and asked what it was sweetened with. A young man confidently told me it was papaya and passion fruit However, I didn't believe him and decided to check it out. The Panera website said it was papaya and passion fruit, but I also found the same ingredient list sited here......cane sugar! Funny thing, it seemed more like artificial sweetener to me than it did like sugar. Either way, I will never order one again.

Anonymous said...

I ordered it today and it tasted terrible. Did not like it at all. No green tea taste.

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