Thursday, August 24, 2006

5ives from Merlinn Mann

Another genius blog from Merlinn Mann: 5ives

Some recent samples:

Five things I’ll bet can be hard for pirates

1. getting decent disability insurance
2. rum allergies
3. sexual harassment from that fancy new bosun
4. irritable bowel syndrome
5. finding one-legged pants that won’t make your hips look too broad

Five people who are much more enjoyable if you imagine them as pro wrestlers

1. Ann Coulter
2. John C. Dvorak
3. Donald Trump
4. John Stossel
5. Tony Robbins

Five kitchen tools that sound kind of dirty

1. chocolate fountain
2. melon baller
3. meat baster
4. boning knife
5. corn holders

Five possible meanings of that Kanji tattoo you can’t read

1. “See Rock City”
2. “L.A. Law / Thursdays at 10″
3. “due diligence”
4. “Kajagoogoo4Evs”
5. “I fellate goats while sporting a tattoo that I was told says
‘Harley Davidson’”

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