Saturday, August 12, 2006

I say, "Wizard," you say, "Rock!"

Today's Weekend America is fantastic.

I just listened to a story about "Harry and the Potters," a "rock band" touring around America now trying to encourage kids to read. They all dress like Harry Potter characters and write Harry Potter related rock songs. It's pretty neat.

Additionally, since the IBM PC turned 25 today, they had a 28-year-old computer geek on to talk about the past, present, and future of personal computing. Now, I was never a computer camp geek. I never really was a camp geek in general. However, I did grow up with "C:\" and have a fondness in my heart for DOS (remember when DOS 6.0 came out and "deltree" became available? THAT was pretty hot. And remember DR-DOS? What about 4dos? Awesome). Likewise, I was one of those kids who had six computers and had a fully wired networked house with a file server and a firewall circa 1995, way before it was cool to have any of that.

It's a great show, and there's more great stuff to come in hour 2, including a discussion of Peak Oil, Whale Oil, the weekly High-Brow-Low-Brow, bed bugs, weeds, memory, and much much more. Check it out. And yes, you can listen to it all on-line.

If you're not into audio books (available at the library; some are even available for download!) and National Public Radio, then you're just not cool enough for me. :)

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