Friday, March 25, 2005


Does anyone actually like the Border's Cafe?

So there's a Border's right by my apartment. I stopped by there today to get some sort of blended coffee or something and just to see what was new and popular in books.

So I look up for something like a "Frap" and all I can find are "Freezes." I have to imagine they're similar. I see that one of them is a "Cafe Freeze," which I would imagine is similar to a nice plain Coffee Frap. However, I see that you're forced to pick one of four options, including caramel and chocolate and two types of berry (I might have messed up one or two of those). I really wasn't in the mood for the coffee equivalent of schnapps, so I just ordered an "Iced Coffee."

I've gotten Iced Coffees at other places. They ended up just being fraps that weren't blended. That was NOT the case here. Here it was just COLD BLACK COFFEE. I should have knkown there was going to be a problem when she asked me if I wanted her to "leave room for cream." CREAM? In my ICED COFFEE? Oh, no...

So that was bad. Then as I was walking out of Border's I noticed that some of the last three books I've read are on the best seller's shelves (again, at BORDER'S!). I had NO IDEA of that when I read them! I got them on my own! Have I NATURALLY turned into someone who dignifies TRENDS? Have I NATURALLY turned POPPY?

No. No... I must be a trend SETTER. That MUST be it, right?

So I got back in my car. Continued to listen to my Al Franken book. That's the book that I was telling Erin about to find out that she had already read it and knew some of the kids who helped write it (in the 14-person "Team Franken") when she was in undergrad. :) (though I'm skeptical; I think she's just talking big. Once during undergrad she supposively called Natalie Portman a bitch to her face; I wonder if Portman heard her? It's believable, to me, but I just have to have a LITTLE skepticism... just to keep Morgan on her toes...)

So basically... I'm apparently worthless. :) And Border's sucks. :-p

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