Monday, March 14, 2005

Geek? I just don't understand...

When did geek become such a general term? Everybody's a geek now!

I remember when geek meant you were something technical. You knew something special. You had some special skill. You were a geek because you were geekilly good at something usually technical. Then there were nerds. Nerds were worthless, and geeks knew this.

But now someone watches Star Trek and reads The Code Book and suddenly they think they're a geek!! And those people who actually do rise above and beyond being an idiot aren't called geeks... They're called nerds! Just because the geeks can't live up to their names!

So the rest of us who actually have to be useful are being FORCED to be grouped together with ICKY NERDS, and REAL GEEKS HAVE NEVER LIKED THAT.

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