Thursday, March 24, 2005

Summary of the Previous Mess

What follows this post, The Girl Named R-e-gr-e-t, is really friggin' long. It belongs in a book (that no one would buy) and not a blog. Here are the Cliff's Notes (which defeat some of the purpose of the whole damn thing, but oh well...):
  1. The fact that people I know personally are starting to read my blog is making blogging more complicated. It would be nice to know that no one other than people I have no chance of meeting would ever read this thing, because this thing will primarily be either about public issues (which everyone knows about) or people/things in my personal life (which I'd be perfectly happy keeping out of the hands of people/things in my personal life)

  2. There's not much I can do about that first point, so I just have to post as usual and hope for the best.

  3. There's little to no way I can communicate the following without sounding like I have some agenda and risking being misunderstood.

  4. Some introductory stuff.

  5. Erin inspires more feelings of regret than I can count. New Orleans in particular stings quite a bit, especially when she complains about her current boyfriend being too demonstrative. It stings even more because recent reflections reveal things that I previously didn't realize.

  6. It's been verified: my feelings for Erin are still strong. I'd love to live with her, and I'd be perfectly happy if that involved sparse-to-no physical contact and lots of space. I just like having her around lots more often.
And with that, I hope to almost never post anything about my love life (or whatever you want to call it) again. There are much better things to post about... Like:
And others, I'm sure...

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