Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kiss me; I want your music and data...

Red Tacton has been in the news lately. It made it to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me today. So I thought it would be good to advertise it here too . . .

New Broadband Network Uses Your Skin
NTT has devised a new personal area networks technology called Red Tacton, which can apparently send data between products like your MP3 player, wireless phone, cordless headset, digital camera, or PC over the surface of your skin. Using Red Tacton, your epidermis can send data at a 2Mbps clip. Pretty creepy, no?

Transfer bodies of knowledge—using your body
It makes plenty of sense, though. Just imagine you’ve got a compatible phone in your hand and wireless headset clipped to your ear. Using Red Tacton, that is all you would need to transfer audio back and forth between the two devices. Data could not only transfer through different parts of your body, but also between two different bodies as well. Imagine being able to transfer music files by kissing someone on the cheek or exchanging digital business cards by smacking someone. High fives will never be the same.

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