Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Haunting Thoughts (and music...)

So, on the topic of secrets, there's something that I used to think about a lot a while ago, but I've forgotten about... at least until recently.

So it came up recently. Once. Probably a week or two (or three?) ago... and it's been on my mind ever since. I hated thinking about this thing years ago, and I hate thinking about it now, but just like years ago, I have no choice... I'm a slave to my thoughts.

And on that note, ever since Grey's Anatomy aired Sunday at 10PM, the song "They" by Jem has been going around in my head. It's just a very catchy song, and they played it at just the right moments in the show where it would be burned into my head... Like... It's like how we all feel like we have a "soundtrack" to our lives. We walk around thinking about what song would be played with this mood and this situation... Well, similarly, when certain important situations are going on in a show, I think we tend to more easily remember music (if it's the "right" kind of music) during that situation...

And so Jem has been going around in my head. I didn't know that's who sang that song. I had to keep checking the Grey's Anatomy page until they posted the music for the show... Oh, and if you're interested, the critical reviews of the show probably have a good point. It's an unoriginal show meant to draw people to ABC who are so used to going elsewhere for their medical dramas and comedies. Heck, in the next episode all the interns start living together, so it turns into a medical drama with funny situations about a bunch of people living in the same house for one season. EEEK!

However, perhaps it's because I'm worthless... perhaps it's "one of the sunniest smiles ever seen in a TV medical show" (referring to Ellen Pompeo)... but I'm hooked. I enjoyed Sunday night's premier, and I'm looking forward to continuing my patronage of the new Sunday night after-Desperate Housewives (i.e., 10PM EST) show on ABC.

And I don't mind the song (which, I think, was on some of the previews) going around in my head so much... I do mind the other thing. While there are plenty of other distractions throughout my day, I think the other thing is doing the worst damage...

From the song... (though the lyrics really aren't all that great; it's just the song's music is sort of eerie and fun at the same time; I get the same sort of feelings from Aimee Mann songs sometimes)
Do you see what I see
Why do we live like this
Is it because it's true
That ignorance is bliss


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