Thursday, March 17, 2005

WCBE is cancelling "This American Life", but I'm going to be okay...

My local NPR station, WCBE is cancelling one of my all time favorite public radio shows, This American Life. That last link is important. You see, as I was writing this blog, I wanted to link to the TAL webpage, so I googled it.

If you go to the TAL website, you can find all the episodes available in RealAudio. This is a surprise to me. I always thought I had to PURCHASE them from Apparently this is not the case! I'm SO EXCITED.

I was always pissed when I would forget to turn on the radio Saturdays at 2PM. Now there's still hope.

Of course, this becomes a public goods problem. I'm counting on the rest of the nation supporting TAL so I can get it for free. Is that reasonable to count on?

I have a take home final to finish. I have lunch to fetch. I have research to do before my meeting tomorrow. Happy St. Patty's Day. :) :-/

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