Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why can't I just get paid to do nothing?

As I mentioned briefly in the previous post, Ex-girlfriends run my life, this week is my spring break, and it is a busy week.

You see, my adviser is in Honduras this week doing some community service down there (he is the faculty adviser of a campus group of engineers who tries to do good things, like put electricity in every room and install a computer lab in an HIV clinic in Honduras), so I don't get to meet with him until Monday after his class, ECE 858.

Now, the first couple of lectures in ECE 858 are going to be given by a bio professor that we work with. Then my adviser is going to give some catch-me-up lectures on stochastic processes (specifically Poisson processes and how they fit into Foraging Theory), and then we talk about the prey model (or what we call "task type choice"). That will be my lecture. He's asked me to give those lectures, and he's asked me to do it without PowerPoint but rather up on the board.

Now, the stuff we're teaching is brand new. In fact, we're writing a book on it. In fact, this task type choice stuff is currently my chapter. That means I need to finish that chapter this week. That way we can go over it Monday and make quick revisions before he sends out a PDF to the rest of the class.

Now, on top of that, I need to prepare a lecture over this material. This usually isn't an issue for me, but this lecture I'm going to give to my PEERS (I'm taking ECE 858 as a student, keep in mind) and I'm going to give it in a format that is completely unfamiliar to me. You see, nearly every lecture I have given has been in front of some PowerPoint slides. For a number of reasons, my adviser doesn't want to do these lectures like this. This means I need to plan out every single line of the lecture and write them up on the board as I go. This not only means I need to practice making sure that I don't write crooked (as in, diagonally down the board) but I also need to practice giving a lecture with students at my BACK.

You see, every time I lecture I remember my high school theatre... Which means I basically remember people yelling out, "Quarter turn!!" Thus, typically when I lecture I walk back and forth always facing my audience. It's going to be different trying to present to them while I'm also needing to write on the board (and look at a tablet of paper in my other hand).

So I'm kinda busy this week. I REALLY need to get momentum going, especially if this sky diving thing goes through for tomorrow... and especially if I'm seeing Angie for lunch Friday... and especially if sometime this weekend I'm seeing The Ring 2 with Kristen...

But I don' wanna. It's my break, damn it! :(

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