Thursday, March 24, 2005

So I'm happy about all this Shiavo press...

So I'm happy about this whole Shiavo press, and I think the Democrats are too.

Everyone thought Karl Rove was a genius. Republicans never thought they could get away with his tactics, but Karl Rove showed them the light. He showed them how to drum up support in places that didn't previously exist before. He completely revitalized the Republican party taking it to places that GHWBush and all who came before him couldn't do . . .

But now the Republicans are starting to see why the past Republicans never went this way. All of this conservative moral mess has a lot of momentum. You just can't stop it. It just keeps going and going... And very quickly even evangelicals feel it's gone too far.

Just look at the polls. 70-80% of Americans think this Shiavo thing has gotten way out of hand, that includes 56% of evangelicals! The threat to the separation of powers has become extremely clear. People are starting to become afraid of the monster that Karl Rove created.

You wonder why so many Democrats voted for that bill? Because they knew it would backfire. They knew they could just be quiet, let it pass, and sit back and relax. Send a few Dems on some talkshows just to keep debate going... and give the Republicans enough rope to hang themselves.

So I think this is all very exciting. The longer this goes on, the sillier the right-wing policy makers look. Exciting stuff!!

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