Friday, March 25, 2005

Got link?

I got linked!

You see, usually when I look at the referrals to this site, I see various other random blog pages due to the "Next Blog" in the upper-right hand corner of most blogs. Sometimes I see my home page, because this blog is linked from there in a couple/few places.

However, today I noticed, which is a blog that I visit often (which is why it's advertised as such in my right-hand margin (scroll down a bit)). You see, I thought it was because my name got linked from one of my comments there or something like that... (but I realized that my profile would probably get linked to my name, not my blog) So I investigated.

Down the right-hand corner of that blog, I am the "Columbus" link. :-D I don't know why I was so tickled by this, but I was. :) Yay. :)

So I guess that means I have to start representing Columbus a bit better than usual. Um... Go Blue Jackets! (named that way due to Ohio's support of the Union in the Civil War, really, though the original icon is a blue-collored yellow-jacket bee-thing) Yay Destroyers! Go Bucks! :-D

William T. Sherman came from Lancaster, which is just outside of Columbus. In fact, he gave his "War is all hell" speach here, in Columbus, at Franklin Park. That's why there is a plaque there with "War is all hell" on it, comemorating the event. (Columbus school children learn this; Ohio-born/raised history teachers here are very proud)

And let's not forget about Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders, eh? Is that a good note to end on? I hope so...

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