Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So I already knew about this from before, but recently someone (edit: Jenn Onofrio at Carnegievandertramp) else pointed me to it and I found that they have expanded it. They've added more. Apparently someone is very serious about making Gizoogle a phenomenon. The general idea is that you search for a page and then click "Translate Text" and it will translate the site into Snoop-speak. (ahem... Drop it like it's hot)

HOWEVER, you really need to check out the samples page and the images page.
Ghetto Barbie Image

Mama jizzy iced a man
Put a gat against his heezee
pulled mah pusha he's dead
Too late,my tizzle has come,
sends shiva dizzle mah spine
bizzles ach'n all tha time, ...



Tom said...

Funniest picture I have seen today. And so true...

Jenn Onofrio said...

"...but recently someone else pointed me to it..." Someone? That's all I am now to you? Someone? One day you make a blog entry about me and then the next day I'm just someone showing you something that somebody else already showed you.

You make me feel like a ghetto slut.